Using the simulation centre, we offer customized training solutions to our clients by using both offshore and onshore scenarios to train and assess a variety of job positions. Our Crane Simulator programs feature custom offshore scenarios from Ocean Rig’s Leiv Eriksson semi-submersible for both Knuckle Boom and Rope Luffing Lattice Boom Cranes.  We also have Mobile Harbour Crane software which trains users on bulk and container handling and heavy lift training scenarios.  The simulation centre incorporates rigging and banksperson stations as well, which allow students to be exposed to container inspection, rigging inspection, banksperson training, and difficult lifting operations such as personnel transfers, heavy lifts, load transfers and blind lifts.

Simulation Centre Features

photo 1Full motion based crane simulator with high resolution 3D crane behaviour and actual operator controls

Integrated Rigger and Banksperson Stations

Instructor Station for close monitoring, guidance, and assessment with a playback option for review and evaluation

Adjustable conditions: equipment faults and failures, unexpected events, time of day, precipitation, wind, fog, and sea state

Variety of options for training scenarios including: Offshore Crane (Knuckle-boom and Rope Luffing) on Semi-Submersible Rig, FPSO and Intervention Vessel and Mobile Harbour Crane (bulk and container attachments)

Why Simulation Training?

Increased Safety

Simulation-based training provides trainees with the valuable opportunity to experience unexpected unsafe scenarios that would be impossible to perform on-site. We offer a safe, controlled environment where trainees can practise reacting to equipment malfunctions and breakdowns, and can master proper techniques in a variety of conditions including under inclement weather, high winds, and sea swells.

Cost-Effective Training

Simulation-based training allows trainees to accumulate extra hours of training without the additional supervision, wear and tear on the equipment, and fuel costs associated with using the equipment for training purposes. Through repeated practice on the simulator students can quickly become more efficient and skilled and make fewer mistakes on the job, increasing productivity. In addition, many of the offshore components of our training programs and assessments can now be conducted onshore.

Improved Team-Work

The Simulation Centre provides a unique option for team-building and communication between the Crane Operator, Rigger and Banksperson as each have an integrated station and role to play for the various lifting scenarios. By presenting challenges such as Emergency Shutdown Procedures, equipment failure and damage, and improper certification of equipment in our programs, the trainees will gain experience with cooperation and coordination in unanticipated situations.

For more information about the courses offered at our Simulation Centre and Training Facility, please visit our Training page or Contact Us today.