This program is intended to instruct and evaluate students with regards to the safe procedure to pack, secure, and prepare a sea container for offshore travel to an installation or vessel.

The learning environment will include:

Classroom Theory Training

Program participants will review regulations and discuss securing devices and proper methods of container preparation.  The avoidance of loose and dropped objects will be the focus of all discussions.

Simulation Training

Program participants will be exposed to various situations, in real time, utilizing immersive scenarios in a virtual offshore environment.  Simulated containers will be inspected for proper packing, securing and travel preparation.  Faults will be applied to the various scenarios and students will be expected to discover and correct the faults.

Practical Exercises

Practical exercises will instruct program participant’s proper methods of container preparation using an actual sea container.  An actual container will be inspected prior to packing and then various items will be packed and secured.  A final inspection will ensure students fully understand the importance of container preparation for travel offshore.


8 hours of training completed over 1 day and can be completed at our Simulation Centre and Training Facility.


Reading and writing skills to a level appropriate to workers job classification