Dr. Carolyn Duncan
Head of Research and Development – Senior Research Scientist

Carolyn Duncan holds a PhD from Memorial University in human factors and postural responses in moving environments, as well as Bachelors and Masters degrees in Kinesiology with focuses on human factors and biomechanics.  An active member within the ergonomics community, she is currently conducting research through Mitacs/Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador at Memorial University and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in association with Sleipnir Lift Management.

Carolyn’s current research is “A Question of Balance : Preventing Occupational Falls and Resultant Human Factors Errors in Moving Maritime Environments” which is focusing on the mechanisms, risks, and potential interventions related to occupational slips, trips, and falls in moving maritime occupational environments.  She has published her research in a number of journals including Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (2008), Occupational Ergonomics (2007), International Journal of Maritime Engineering (2009), International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics (2010), Journal of Applied Biomechanics (2012) and IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors (2013).